Salman Khan and Saad Munzar at Purple Avenue's. — Courtesy Facebook.

KARACHI: Percussive, groovy, spacious, ethereal, melodic, cinematic, organic and even idiosyncratic. These are all words that could be used to describe the unassuming duo that is "Basheer & The Pied Pipers."

The brainchild of medical students Saad Munzar and Salman Younas khan, "Basheer & The Pied Pipers" started out much like many bands often do — a jam session.

"We were just jamming one day in college and Salman came along and joined us," said Munzar. " It was that magical moment where we just gelled together musically."

It was that initial moment of chemistry that led them to learning the process of actually writing music.

"We kind of started delving into how to make music, " said Munzar. "It started with just messing around with sounds and suddenly ideas would appear and take shape."

Those first experimentations culminated in their first EP "Paperclouds", which was released in June 2011.

Listening to their music it is not hard to imagine that their influences range across a broad spectrum.

"Absolutely everything!" is how Khan describes their influences. "Stuff from TV shows, video games. Bands like Radiohead, Massive Attack, Mew, Toe, Sigur Ros, Nujabes and Mos Def."

Usually, it's somewhat of a red flag when people say they listen to '"everything", but not in the case of The Pied Pipers.

Their new album "Basheer", released on July 16, is hard evidence of the fact that these guys mean what they say.

The album is delightfully unorthodox. Each song is a new sonic adventure for the restless duo. But, despite its boldness and weirdness, it is easy on the ear, with a melodiousness and a gentle palette that doesn’t demand huge leaps of faith.

"There's elements of everything, " said Munzar. " It could be called post-rock, to indie to even math rock, because we use unusual time signatures."

Munzar, who handles guitar and bass duties in the band, isn't your traditional axeman. What he relies on is quick and snappy phrases and interesting textures rather than the traditional fuzz laden crunchy guitar riffs of yore.

On the other hand there's Salman Younas Khan who's percussive sensibilities are constructed on nervous and skittery rhythms and deep and doomy grooves.

It's a marriage of instantly complimenting philosophies held together by their collective passion for creating a unique sonic architecture and diverse soundscapes.

It boils down to a simple notion Khan said, "We like it simple and pretty."

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Comments (16)

July 18, 2012 3:52 pm
We must encourage young people, they are doing something different. Please do not criticize unnecessarily
July 18, 2012 1:20 pm
I dont know who supports them financially... These things are good but not for middle class boyz.
July 18, 2012 11:46 am
Good. The young lads are doing good.
July 18, 2012 1:39 pm
Keep it guyz and proud to be a Pakistani God Bless you
July 18, 2012 2:26 pm
Stop being such an ignorant!!
July 18, 2012 3:20 pm
out of no where Dawn reports on some wannabe musicians. Who among these kids is connected to dawn reporters. hahahhaha. BTW, this is noise,not music.
July 18, 2012 2:09 pm
Why do you care who supports them financially . Whats good for middle class boyz?
July 18, 2012 2:08 pm
We have so much talent in Pakistan. they are all comming out, I wish them good luck and bright future.
Mirza Saeen
July 18, 2012 7:03 pm
Mr.Junaid, you seem like a decent man to me who appreciates good music when he listens to one. I therefore request you to search them up and listen to one of their songs ("Dreaming to you" would be my recommendation). Maybe it will change your heart. FYI they aren't connected to anybody. People just like them. Don't know why.
July 18, 2012 7:23 pm
Munzar!!! Good going dude... Treat is on you as soon as I get back!!!
July 18, 2012 7:50 pm
Just because you have absolutely no talent doesn't mean you take your frustrations out on those who are gifted. Brains and musical talent? Mahshallah. Keep it up guys. Haters gon hate!
July 18, 2012 8:55 pm
dude these guys are the bomb!!!!! honestly, haven't seen such a huge variety of songs in a single album.... You guys are the dream man... Proud of you guys...
July 19, 2012 5:03 am
I agree with Tatesh
Black Magic
July 19, 2012 8:04 am
I know them both personally and they are nice boys. As for the monetary situation mentioned earlier Mr Khan goes for days at end without food so he can buy some whitening cream. So they really are "middle class boyz" The shape of Saad's head is also very alluring. However its very sad that the article didnt mention my son Daniyal Hashmi who is an integral part of the band as well. During live shows he stands around with his unplugged expensive guitar making them look good in relation to him.
July 20, 2012 1:24 am
Its important to see the source of capital. The duty lies with the law enforcement agencies ofcourse. Its important because we dont want talent with black money. Now nobody is insuniating that the capital source of this endeavour is black but just pointing out that its important for the govt to check the source of the capital. Other than that why would I care if its black or white? And yes middle class boyz with decent & clean source of money cannt do such things in this time of inflation. Thats for sure. So they should study. Thats far safer, cleaner and better.
July 20, 2012 1:29 am
My goodness listened to the video after I wrote few comments and believe me its not music. ITS NOISE. NO doublt among all the would be rock & pop singers, DAWN has choosen these guys to be on its website surprises me.
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