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Jokes are boring

I am an old reader of YW. There are many interesting, motivating and beneficial things in it. However, I find the jokes boring so I want to suggest that you replace jokes with some other useful column.

Monis Bolani, Turbat

Zooming in

This is regarding the new section in YW, Zooming in. It’s a great idea to publish a beautiful and unique picture with relevant information. It not only enhances our knowledge but also lets us see great photographic skills.

Keep it up Young World!

Sara Parvaiz, Karachi

Colour me green

The facts about green colour published in the June 30th issue of the Young World were really interesting. Green is my favourite colour; I have many dresses in various shades of green.

Green, indeed, is the colour of nature and it gives a sense of freshness to our eyes. In order to give our surroundings a refreshing look, we must grow plants in our house. Those who live in apartments and don’t have space to grow plants can bring plant pots to keep on the balcony or some indoor plants to keep in the living room, etc.

Ramla Baig, Karachi

The king with the golden touch

This is with reference to the story The king with the golden touch by M. Bazeed Shahzad (YW, June 30, 2012). He has used creative names but I am sorry to say that most of the story’s theme is copied from the story The golden touch — a Greek myth — by Charlotte Craft. In the story by M. Bazeed Shahzad, King Midas is replaced by King Aberkios.

It is sad that some people cannot use their own imagination and creativity and copy any theme just to see their name in print. I would like to request the YW team to start giving themes to write stories on. In order to encourage children to write original stuff, you could also choose a story every week as ‘Story of the week’.

Ayesha Sahar Mirza, Karachi


This is pertaining to the story The king with the golden touch (June 30, 2012) by M. Bazeed Shahzad. The whole concept of the story was copied from a Greek legend The golden touch. I read this story in a book titled Guided English for Pakistan by D. H. Howe (Book 1).

I request writers not to copy others’ work and be creative and original. Let me inform you that if you deceive, a time will come in your life when you will not be able to justify your past acts and will have to face the consequences. You won’t be satisfied and happy, and will always suffer the feelings of guilt and sadness.

Rahul Karamat Barlaas, Azad Jammu & Kashmir


This is with reference to the story The king with the golden touch by M. Bazeed Shahzad. The title of the story instantly caught my attention and as I read the whole story, it instantly took me into my childhood days when I used to listen to these stories by my grandparents.

In addition, I appreciate Young World for making such stories part of the magazine as these stories give very meaningful messages to the young. The morals of such stories, for example, ‘honesty is the best policy’, ‘greed is a curse’ and so on, are in fact the basic principles of life and can easily be inculcated in the minds of children through stories.

Therefore I request Young World to continue publishing such stories which not only entertain everyone but also teach us the correct way of leading a good life.

Mariha Ghazal, Karachi


This is with reference to the story The king with the golden touch by M. Bazeed Shahzad (June 30, 2012).

I appreciate the writer for penning down such an interesting story.

Bilal Sabzal, Delta

Cool scoop

This is regarding the article I scream, we scream, we all scream for…by Shahida Paracha (June 30, 2012). The article was very interesting and informative — we got to know many things about our favourite summer delight that we didn’t know before reading this article. Ice cream, no doubt is loved by all and ice cream makers’ increasing creativity has been adding more beauty to the yummy experience of enjoying this delicacy.

Azhar Ali, Islamabad

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