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Summer book club

ISLAMABAD, July 12: Book ambassador of the National Book Foundation (NBF) and a renowned TV artist, Laila Zuberi, narrated stories for children during a special session of the summer book club held on Thursday.

There were 65 children up to fifteen years of age who came along with their parents and teachers.

Mrs. Zuberi read “Mein Dorta hi Dorta”, written by famous writer Ibn-e-Insha, followed by “Chori Chori Chupkey Chupkey,” by Raza Ali Abidi and “Patoo Billi,” a story about the friendship between a young boy and a cat, by Razia Fasih Ahmad.

Mrs. Quratulain, a TV hostess, also read out a story called “Chor ki Darhi Mein Tinka,” written by Razia Fasih Ahmad. The story is about an old farmer and his daughter whose dowry was stolen, but recovered easily through wisdom,

Parveen Haq, a renowned writer and English Professor, selected and read “Hansel and Gretel,” a fairy tale about a wood cutter who had two children named Hansel and Gretel. The fairy was enjoyed immensely by the children.

The Managing Director of the National Book Foundation, Mr. Mazhar ul Islam, said that NBF had established various book clubs in villages, prisons, hospitals, railway stations, and airports all over the country.

The aim is to promote a book-reading culture among Pakistans youth.

The coordinator, Mrs. Afshan Sajid, said that the number of children registered with NBF increases day by day.

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