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KARACHI: Despite the law enforcement measures by the government, targeted killings continued in Karachi and at least five people were killed in the metropolis, DawnNews reported.

A man was shot dead near Tibet centre at M A Jinnah road, one of the busiest roads of the city. The deceased, Sohail, was a shopkeeper.A man was also injured by the firing incident.

After the incident, the shopkeepers of the area closed their businesses and came out on roads in protest causing the worst traffic jam on M A Jinnah road.

Two political activists, Shabbir and Kamran, were targeted in the area of Garden. Kamran succumbed to his injuries and passed away. Shabbir told the media representatives that ‘gang war people’ opened fire on them in front of the police.

Three people were shot dead in the areas of Ram Swami, Machar Colony and Khadda market by the unidentified people.

A political activist was shot dead in Lyari’s Agra Taj area.

Two people received bullet wounds in the area of Lee market.

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