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Bodies to promote Urdu and Bengali

RAWALPINDI: Two sepaate Boards for the promotion of Urdu and Bengali languages have been set up by President Mohammad Ayub Khan. The primary functions of these Boards will be to promote national values and develop the two languages to the extent of making them an effective medium of instruction at the higher stages of education.

These Boards, which have been set up in pursuance of the recommendations of the Commission on National Education, will be managed by governing bodies to be headed by Mr Justice S.A. Rahman of the Supreme Court (Urdu) and Justice S.M.

Murshid of the East Pakistan High Court (Bengali).

To start with, the Government has decided to give a grant of Rs5 lakhs to each of the two Boards, which will start functioning immediately.

Both the Boards will undertake appropriate measures and entrust some projects to other individuals and organisations.—Staff Correspondent

Shift in foreign policy likely

RAWALPINDI: A definite shift in Pakistan’s foreign policy is now in the offing, according to indications here. A high-level meeting held yesterday under the Chairmanship of President Mohammad Ayub Khan took stock of the world situation.

External Affairs Secretary S.K. Dehlavi told newsmen that all aspects of Pakistan foreign policy were examined.—Staff Correspondent

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