IT is unfortunate that the terrorists once again succeeded on Sept 1 in their nefarious designs of creating chaos and confusion in the country.

Three suicide bombers penetrated into the religious procession of the Shia community that was mourning the death anniversary of Hazrat Ali.

These three suicide bombings resulted in the loss of almost 31 precious lives. Besides, more than 200 people were injured.

Who are these people who do not spare even sacred religious places and processions of Muslim communities, whether it is of Sunni or Shia? Who are these people who want to create chaos and confusion in major cities of the country by increasing their terrorist activities?

Who are these people who do not even care about the sacred month of Ramazan and kill innocent persons without remorse? Who are these people who want to create a rift among Muslim communities?

Surely these are not true Muslims and real followers of Islam. Had they been such, they wouldn't have dared to kill their innocent fellow Muslims.

These are people who can do anything on the offer of 'huge money'. Above all, these are people who are neither sincere to themselves, nor to their religion, country or its people.

It is time the whole nation got united to defeat the designs of the terrorists. It is time the federal government, in collaboration with all the provinces, chalked out a comprehensive policy to root out the menace of terrorism from our society.

Maximum technical and financial support should be provided by the federal government to the provincial governments to strengthen their law enforcement agencies so that they can effectively meet the gigantic task of 'elimination of terrorists' from our society.




THIS is with reference to Wednesday's terrorist attacks in Lahore on the procession of Youm-i-Ali. I condemn the brutal attacks in the highest possible terms. This is the worst kind of enemy the country has faced.

The Taliban and its associated groups keep on killing the people of Pakistan. They have been carrying out suicide bombings, killing thousands of innocent people.

It is time we made a very strong resolution to eliminate this beast from within ourselves once and for all and provided full support to our brave armed forces to help annihilate them from the land of pure.



Updated Sep 03, 2010 12:00am

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