PARACHINAR: Awareness stressed to prevent Aids

PARACHINAR, Dec 10: The number of Aids and hepatitis cases has increased in the Kurram Agency and other parts of Federally-Administered Tribal Areas due to lack of awareness.

This was stated by speakers at a workshop organised by the Kurram Rural Support Organisation here on Sunday to raise awareness among the masses about the diseases.

The workshop was attended by tribal elders, doctors, students, representatives of civil society and people from different walks of life.

They said that the government and civil society should launch a concerted campaign in tribal areas to educate the people about the problem and its repercussions.

They said ulema and elders of the area could play a vital role in creating awareness among the people against the scourge, and asked the people to take precautionary measures especially during blood transfusion.

They said the major cause of Aids was extra-marital relations and unsafe practices.

The speakers urged United Nations agencies and Fata Directorate of Health to focus on tribal areas control the deadly diseases that had spread in the area during the last few years.

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