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Services of Shah Inayat eulogized

THATTA, March 18: Speakers at the “Shah Inayat Shaheed Adabi Conference” on Saturday called for concrete measures to make the world a better place to live at least for the coming generations. The conference was organized at the Thatta press club on the occasion of 297th urs of great socialist and preacher of mysticism, Shah Inayat Shaheed.

Noted writer Sufi Huzoor Bux presided over the meeting.

Abdul Wahid Arisar, Anwar Pirzado, Dr Nawaz Ali Shauq, Ghulam Hussain Rangrez, Taj Joyo, Mariam Majidi, Amb Gopang, Rasool Bux Dars and Yar Mohammad Jalalani spoke on the occasion.

They paid tributes to Shah Inayat for his unparalleled contribution in serving and protecting the interests of haris of Miranpur (now Jhoke Sharif).

Shah Inayat had waged a three-month long war with the then rulers of Sindh to enforce his doctrine “Jo Kheri So Khai” (one who ploughs, only he has right to eat).

The speakers said that since his birth in 1649, Shah Inayat proved to be an exception for his inclination towards human rights and his thought resulted later on in his vehement confrontation with the then ruler of the Kalhoro dynasty, Yar Mohammad Kalhoro, and the ruler of lower Sindh Nawab Azam Khan.

Shah Inayat and hundreds of his companions sacrificed their life for a sacred cause to protect the rights of haris.

They preached equality, brotherhood, safeguard for each others’ interests and self respect.

The speakers said that the world had now been exhausted of lawlessness, terrorism, superiority complexes of individuals and groups.

They said the world leaders should be highly realistic in their approaches.

They said that not only terrorism should be eliminated from individuals, groups and parties, but their mind to subjugate others too.

They said that vested interest involved in dominating weaker states through wars or through terrorism should also be made accountable.

URS: The three-day urs of Sufi Shah Inayat is being observed in Jhoke Sharif.

Sajjada Nasheen of Dargah, Sufi Attaullah Sattari opened the urs on Friday.

Hundreds of disciples from Pakistan, India, Dubai, USA, Africa and far-off places of world are attending the urs.

A musical conference was also held.

Faqirs sang Sufi Kalam of Rakhial Shah and Cheezal Shah.

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