KHAIRPUR: Villagers hold demo against police

KHAIRPUR, Sept 1: Relatives of Mohammad Hussain Shar, who was killed three days ago in Mubarak Shar village near Thari Mirwah town, staged a sit-in outside the Thari Mirwah police station on Monday, the second consecutive day of their protest.

The protesters alleged that the police was protecting the accused and demanded the arrest of the accused.

ELECTROCUTED: A woman, Koonj Junejo, was electrocuted in Waryo Wahan village on Sunday night. Reportedly, she got a shock from a pedestal fan.

BOOKED: A case was registered at the Bradai Jatoi police station against fourteen people for killing two men, Ali Bux Jalbani and Zameer Jalbani, and injuring Abdul Razzaq Jalbani, on Saturday.

Those booked included Moula Bux Narejo, Gul Hassan Narejo and Bachal Narejo.

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