SINCE the country plays a role as a frontline state in the war on terror, it has become a significant target of extremists. So far more than 40,000 civilians have been killed or injured besides the 3,000 security personnel, who have embraced martyrdom in war.

The low economic growth is directly attributed to war against terrorism. The declining foreign direct investment, diminishing tourism sector, religious split and internal migration are some of the impacts of prevailing extremism.

In fact, there are various factors, which contribute to rising terrorism. Impotence of law-enforcement agencies, chronic illiteracy, suicidal poverty, misinterpretation of religion, lack of political will and, above all, bad governance can be named as some of the factors that nurture the environment for the tree of monstrous terrorism to grow.

In brief, devising a counter-terrorism strategy is the need of the hour. The government must pave the way for the elimination of terrorism.

Civil society, politicians, media men and others should play their due role to restore peace to the country.

The so-called jihadis have distorted the image and the true message of Islam that always spreads the message of peace, brotherhood and solidarity.


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July 12, 2013 8:45 am

".... the image and the true message of Islam that always spreads the message of peace, brotherhood and solidarity."

Please quote me a Muslim role model country where the above can be experienced without prejudice and exception?

Agha Ata
July 12, 2013 6:18 pm

That's a very old and boring topic. Nobody wants to write cliches to read like a comment. I suppose. :(

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