THIS refers to Hajrah Mumtaz’s article ‘PIA peacekeepers’ (May 27).

It is indeed illogical to think, even for a while, that all small shops, eating outlets, grocery stores, etc, in Manchester Street or anywhere in the world, can afford to keep their businesses shut due to some fear of imminent theft.

According to PIA’s operational requirement, multiple sets of cabin, as well as cockpit, crew are given layover in Manchester round the clock throughout the year. Does this mean that all small enterprises which, according to the writer, cannot afford expensive safety measures remain closed for the entire 12 months’ period because PIA crew is in town?

It provokes us all to burst into a big laugh. In reference to the same kind of allegation last year, a clarification, ‘Theft by PIA crew:other view’, was submitted and published in Dawn (April 24,2012).

This clarification said the UK is heavily and extensively monitored country on security cameras; additionally, it is impossible to assume that a thief of any small type can get away from the UK police who are well-known for their professional attitude and performance.

Manchester is very old PIA crew layover city, as old as PIA itself. Why not in the past but in recent times have these stories started occupying spaces in the media? Why is a single community targeted ruthlessly for a crime which is not done by them? Why have no arrests been so far reported by Superintendent Stuart Ellison?

In Manchester, PIA has a contract with Sachas Hotel, which is a two-star hotel. It does not offer any bathrobes, gowns, etc. It is the worst hotel on the PIA network compared with the Hilton in Barcelona, Renaissance in Kuala Lumpur and Marriott Maida Vale in London where PIA crew stays.

Why does PIA crew not steal bathrobes and gowns form these five-star hotels?

AIJAZ ALI SHAH Assistant Vice-President CBA, Flight Services, PIA Karachi

THE column was based on a communication sent to the PIA management in April 2012 by Superintendent Stuart Ellison of Greater Manchester Police, North Manchester Division. Superintendent Ellison also explained why there had so far been no arrests regarding shoplifting offences. — HM

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Iqbal Butt
June 4, 2013 8:46 am
"It is the worst hotel on the PIA network compared with...." What a piece of diplomacy and PR image PIA is portraying to its customer. Couldn't have been better expressed. I strongly protest. Why can't we regular customers from Manchester deserve a lot more better than two star catering?
June 5, 2013 12:50 am
CBA can close their eyes and imagine it's night. Superintendent Stuart Ellison of Greater Manchester Police wrote to PIA so you can imagine the gravity of the matter. But instead of cleaning their home looks like PIA/CBA wants to bad mouth Hajrah Mumtaz.
A R Khan
June 5, 2013 8:52 am
If only you had done some research. Google for the hotel and you know what star this hotel is. Alas always in denial.
June 4, 2013 11:22 am
Why do you even bother to defend ludicrous allegations made by the Manchester police- if they were any truth to their assertions they should have made arrests instead of writing to PIA. Perhaps PIA should file a libel case with the Human Rights Commission??
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