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Javed Hashmi wins from NA-48 Islamabad

Pakistan Tehrik-i-Insaf (PTI) central president Makhdoom Javed Hashmi wins the National Assembly seat NA-48 in Islamabad. A former stalwart of PML-N, Hashmi had recently joined Imran Khan's PTI.

His switch to PTI was not the only time Hashmi made a dramatic political move. In his book ‘Haan main baghi hoon’, the veteran politician, who was once part of Ziaul Haq’s government, says he considers his support for the former military ruler the only mistake of his entire political career.

But Hashmi’s truly anti-establishment credentials became evident much after Zia’s days were over – the book in which he mentions his mistake was itself written in prison. He was jailed by Pervez Musharraf in a much-publicised case of treason and was released in August 2007 on the Supreme Court’s orders. After emerging victorious in the 2008 general election, he was one of just a few who refused to take oath under the former military ruler.

You can view Hashmi's profile here.

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