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Russian President Vladimir Putin says Snowden is not welcome in Russia unless he stops harming US "as strange as that sounds coming from me."

Russian President Vladimir Putin calls on Edward Snowden to stop harming US interests amid reports that the former US spy agency contractor has applied for asylum in Russia.

Russian President Vladimir Putin, saying:

"If he wants to go anywhere and someone will accept him, he is welcome. If he wishes to stay here, then we have one condition: he must stop the his work aimed at harming our American partners, although it sounds very strange coming from me. He positions himself as a fighter for human rights, and he's not going to stop this activity, so he has to choose the country for himself and go to it. When it will happen, I unfortunately do not know. If I knew, I would tell you."

The president of Ecuador, where Snowden was known to be seeking asylum, said Sunday that his fate was in Russia's hands because Ecuador could not consider the plea until he reached Ecuador or one of its embassies.

Snowden is reportedly holed up in the transit zone of a Russian airport.

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