LAHORE, June 21: The Punjab government had to transfer Khushab District Police Officer Ihsanullah Bajwa after he reportedly refused to provide fuel to the police escort of a senior Lahore High Court judge during his visit to his hometown around two and half weeks ago.

Acting provincial police chief Khan Baig had made Bajwa an officer on special duty on the orders of the chief minister who took action on receiving information that the VVIP’s police squad was denied diesel.

In the aftermath of the incident, the IGP also issued an executive order to the field police to provide diesel at any cost to the police escorts of VVIPs across the province.

A police source privy to the development told Dawn that the LHC judge visited the Mianwali Central Jail, where Chief Justice of Pakistan Iftikhar Chauhdry was on an official visit around two and half weeks ago, and on his return to Lahore the judge had a stopover at his Khushab residence.

He said the police squad of the judge contacted the DPO’s staff for fuel supply, but the DPO refused saying his only responsibility was to provide security and not fuel which had to be supplied by the Lahore district police.

The source said the matter was brought to the notice of Chief Minister Shahbaz Shraif who ordered immediate transfer of the DPO on June 19.

The source further said earlier there was no rule or SOP or any order which could bound the district police to provide fuel to the escort vehicles of VVIPs, but police authorities following the incident did not waste time in issuing the order.

Senior police officials Dawn talked to had different opinion over the issue. Some argued that the VVIPs were usually provided fuel from the Motor Transport Office of the district concerned in case of emergency and bills were submitted to the Punjab Motors Branch. Others said limited POL budget of each district made it difficult for officers to meet their own transportation requirements rather than providing fuel to the VVIPs.

According to them, the bills were usually cleared in months.

Meanwhile, acting IGP Khan Baig transferred and posted two SSPs and seven sub-divisional police officers across the province.

According to a handout issued on Friday, AIG Discipline, Central Police Office, Punjab, Dr Muhammad Rizwan was transferred and posted as Lahore SSP (Operations) vice Abdul Jabbar who was transferred and posted in Rizwan’s place.

Khalid Mehmood, SDPO of Islampur Circle, Lahore, was transferred and posted SDPO of Iqbal Town Cirlce, Lahore, vice Shamsul Haq who was transferred and posted as Islampura Circle SDPO; Nasir Mehmmood Bajwa, SDPO of Gulberg Circle, Faisalabad, was transferred and posted as SDPO Mugalpura Circle, Lahore; ASP Dr Nida Umar Chatha, SDPO of Model Town Circle, Lahore, was transferred and posted as SDPO of Garden Town Circle, Lahore, vice Aftab Ahmad who was transferred and posted SDPO of Model Town Circle, Lahore; Muhammad Mushtaq, SDPO of Chung Circle, Lahore, was transferred and posted SDPO of Manawan Circle, Lahore, vice Qaisar Mushtaq, who was transferred and posted SDPO of Chung Circle, Lahore.

A source at the Chief Minister’s Secretariat told Dawn that Mr Rizwan, who earlier worked as district police officer of Rajanpur and Sargodha and Multan city police officer, had been ‘directly’ picked by the chief minister for Lahore police assignment because of his ‘loyalties’ with the ruling party keeping in view PPP’s Aslam Midhana episode in Sargodha and the officer’s repeated transfers (resisted by PML-N’s Punjab government) by the then PPP government from outside Punjab.

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Comments (7)

Naeem Syed
June 22, 2013 5:10 pm

Mr .Chief Minister Shahbaz Shraif Shaib, The fact of the matter is that the DPO Ihsanullah Bajwa was right in refusing to supply fuel to the VVIP. if this Hon VVIP was the much of a VVIP then how come the escort went without adequate arrangements for fuel prior to the start of the Trip. First question is if this Hon VVIP was visiting Khushab on a private visit then he should have paid for the diesel himself,I am sure that he can afford it rather than stick us for for the fuel for his private visit. Second question we remember your promises to cut down wasteful spending, Official visits Yes, but private visits costs is not what we elected you guys to approve. Then you further compound it by transferring the DPO. Please put him back in his place and let that send a clear message to one and all. Do not abuse the system for private use. Raja rental and his helipad at his private residence, and he is no more, please don't encourage these petty things we have all, from just Person to VVVIP have to learn the meaning of the word AUSTRITY. Nothing personal but we have to bring in a mentality change. Let's see how you handle this.

Kam East
June 22, 2013 9:02 pm

This is why pakistani police is inefficient. Political control has ruined the Police. Governments should be stripped of any power to interfere in police business. As regards the incident there should be clear rules as to what duties and obligations are of the police on guard duty. Infact like India a seperate organisation should deal with VVIP,VIP security so police can be free to serve the public.

Pro Bono Publico
June 22, 2013 11:56 pm

This is an incident which can only happen in Pakistan. The Chief of Police is removed because he did not provide fuel!!! As far as Í know the judges get a very hefty salary and if he was combining official duty with a private visit (as mentioned in the report), he should have had the honesty and integrity to have the fuel filled from his own pocket. Police reform is never successful in Pakistan because it is not a priority for any privilleged class (which now includes media moguls and judges) and these incidents highlight the kind of mindset which this class has towards the police. I do not see a professional Police service emerging in Pakistan.

June 24, 2013 12:48 pm

This is judiciary of Pakistan.

June 24, 2013 2:01 pm

I wonder that CM has so much extra time to listen these complains and issuing orders immediately. All these steps of N are showing that they are working on personal agenda and least interested in bringing betterment in the country by promoting justice for all but here it seems they are only concerned about their loyalists. very sad we have to bear this mind set for next five years.

M Aslam
June 24, 2013 6:17 pm

@Naeem Syed: Mr. Naeem Syed Have you make a look on Pakistan map before writing your comments. If not, then please first look at the map and then make any comments. Rules and law must be obided by Government officers, otherwise it becomes a jungle. If you have objection on rules, try to ammend the rules as rules are changed at Federal level. Lets ask all provincial governments including Sachi and Saff PTI government in KPK to change the rules first and then criticise. Otherwise please let the Government to keep descipline among their servents.

June 24, 2013 7:54 pm

We have to live with these so called VVIP's for years to come now, since we voted them in power. Such a sad state.

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