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April, 01 2015

Fashion feature: Imitating art

Adopting a slight variation in the adage ‘art imitates life’, here we present a fresh, new concept of fashion imitating art — as individual pieces on display in an art gallery exhibit.

The model Saima Azhar was required to pose/stand motionless as the photographer clicked away against a mute backdrop to give the illusion of a canvas or gallery wall, giving additional depth by a play of light and shade. The result was spectacular as you see before you.

Of course none of it would have been possible without celebrated fashion designer Ayesha Somaya coming up with just the right collection for the conceptual shoot. These classic silhouettes offer something for the mind beyond mere imagery, with accessories adding to the essentially western collection which have been used here as more than mere props. The resulting effect is simple, clean-cut with refined, defining lines — much like a modern-day art exhibit that gains additional depth as you keep looking at it. — N.S.

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