Ex-MNA stopped at airport

RAWALPINDI, June 10: Former MNA Hanif Abbasi was prevented by Airport Security Force (ASF) from entering the restricted area of Benazir Bhutto International Airport on Monday afternoon, it has been learnt.

A source said without a valid entry pass for the restricted area, Mr Abbasi wanted to see off Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif at the stairs of his special aircraft. He was, however, stopped by the ASF staff from heading towards the apron.

The source said after losing the May 11 election, Mr Abbasi had entered the restricted area twice or thrice to see off Mr Sharif.

“Though his unlawful entrance into the airport’s restricted area had been noticed by senior ASF officials, he was not stopped before. But today, it had been decided that he would not be allowed to enter the restricted area,” said a security official.

He said as the chief minister arrived at the airport, Mr Abbasi made an attempt to go along with him to his aircraft to see him off.

When Mr Abbasi was told by the ASF staff that he was not allowed to enter the restricted area, he first looked to the chief minister and then stopped after the latter did not say anything to the ASF officials.

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