Tiny countries of the world

  1. Parts of which island nation in the Pacific Ocean, named after the British explorer John Marshall and located near the International Date Line, were used for nuclear testing by the US until 1958?
  2. Which country is completely surrounded by Italy, though not in Rome, and is one of the oldest republics in the world since it became independent from the Roman Empire in 301AD and has stayed so since then?
  3. So Vatican City is the smallest country in the world, situated in the middle of Rome with an area of just .44 square kilometres. Do you know who heads it?
  4. Which country, considered as the second smallest state in the world, situated in France is ruled by the royal Grimaldi family?
  5. Which nation, consisting of about 1192 islands in the Indian Ocean, has Male as its capital?
  6. Just south of the Italian island of Sicily is an island state in the Mediterranean Sea which became independent in 1964, but Queen Elizabeth II remained its head of state until 1974. Can you guess the name of this country?
  7. Located in the Indian Ocean to the northeast of Madagascar, which island nation made up of 115 islands has Victoria as its capital?
  8. Guess the small island state in the Pacific Ocean that is in an area known as Micronesia, and when it was discovered in 1798, it was called the Pleasant Island.
  9. Name the island nation in the Persian Gulf that is very close to Saudi Arabia and its area is only 665 square kilometres.
  10. Guess the third largest and third most populous island in the Mediterranean that is at the crossroads of three continents. Answer

  11. Marshall Islands

  12. San Marino, near the Adriatic coast, with an area of 61.2 square kilometers.
  13. The Pope
  14. Monaco
  15. Maldives
  16. Malta
  17. The Seychelles
  18. Nauru
  19. Bahrain
  20. Cyprus
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