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Published 12 Mar, 2024 07:09am

Haripur resident wins prestigious PSL award

PESHAWAR: Hassan Nisar, a resident of Haripur district, has won the prestigious ‘Hamaray Heroes Award’ from the Pakistan Super League (PSL) for his remarkable strides in community development and social empowerment.

As the founder of Metrix Pakistan, a community service provider, Nisar’s unwavering commitment to improving the lives of rural communities has garnered widespread recognition and admiration, according to a statement issued here on Monday.

In addition to his groundbreaking work in technology and tourism promotion, Nisar’s organisation has been actively involved in providing essential healthcare services to underserved areas.

Through free medical camps organised in rural regions, Nisar and his team have been instrumental in addressing healthcare disparities and improving access to quality medical care for marginalised populations.

Nisar’s dedication to women’s empowerment in backward areas has been commendable.

Metrix Pakistan has implemented various initiatives aimed at empowering women through education, skill development and economic opportunities.

By fostering gender equality and providing avenues for women to thrive, Nisar has contributed significantly to uplifting communities and breaking barriers to progress in rural Pakistan.

Published in Dawn, March 12th, 2024

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