Updated Sep 10, 2018 07:53am

Govt to highlight its major policy decisions in media

Fahad Chaudhry | Javed Hussain

The federal govt on Sunday announced that it will highlight its major policy decisions as part of its new strategy for media, DawnNewsTV reported.

The decision was taken during a media strategy meeting chaired by Prime Minister Imran Khan at his Banigala residence in Islamabad, according to Information Minister Fawad Chaudhry.

During the meeting, also attended by other high-level members of the govt, it was decided that special focus will be put on "the PM's austerity drive, the abolishing of his discretionary powers and the appointment of a middle-class individual as the Punjab chief minister".

It was also agreed upon that "the details of the previous PML-N government's extravagant expenditures will be exposed to the public."

Furthermore, the caucus decided that "briefings will be given on the abject conditions created by the previous government in economic, and especially, in the power and energy sectors."

"All decisions will be taken after consultations and taking the parliament into confidence ," said the information minister's statement.

PTI's media strategy is a "way to promote their lies": PML-N

Later on, PML-N spokesperson Marriyum Aurangzeb slammed the PTI govt's media strategy, and labelled it a way "to promote their lies and u-turns even more".

"The federal government has devised a media strategy to hide its 80 billion worth of corruption in Peshawar metro and do fake image building of the cabinet," she said.

Aurangzeb claimed that "Imran Khan is not capable of thinking beyond the politics of containers" and accused him of "targeting his rivals" for political vengeance.

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