Updated May 13, 2017 05:32pm

Lahore Zoo's only elephant, Suzi dies

Imran Gabol

The only elephant in the Lahore Zoo, Suzi, died on Saturday morning.

Imported in 1988, Suzi was a popular attraction at the zoo and had captivated generations of audiences since its inception at the zoo.

Officials at the zoo could not confirm a cause of death before the medical report was made available.

Speaking to Dawn, the Director of the Lahore Zoo Mohammad Shafqat said, "We won't be bringing a solo elephant, instead we'll bring a pair the next time."

Up until Saturday, only Karachi and Lahore zoos had elephants.

Suzi had spent more than 25 years of her life at the Lahore Zoo. The natural life span of elephants according to Zoo officials is about 50 years.

Zoos usually experience an influx of visitors during the holidays as people throng recreational spots, with zoos being popular destinations.

There was an outpour of grief on social media as users took to Twitter to recall memories of seeing Suzi at the zoo.

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