Sparx Smartphones Revolutionising Connectivity - Pakistan’s Pride in the Smartphone Market

Locally producing smartphone brand, Sparx Smartphones, is working towards digital inclusivity with affordable devices equipped with the latest technology.
Published August 4, 2023

L -R  Mr. Naveed Rangeela (Managing Director), Mr. Asif Khan (Chairman), Mr. Zeeshan Qureshi (CEO)
L -R Mr. Naveed Rangeela (Managing Director), Mr. Asif Khan (Chairman), Mr. Zeeshan Qureshi (CEO)

Sparx Smartphones, a Pakistani brand, has revolutionised the local mobile phone market. This company stands out due to its advanced 4G-enabled smartphones, affordability, and unique position as a domestic manufacturer operating from a state-of-the-art facility within Pakistan. Unlike foreign competitors, Sparx bypasses import complications related to fluctuating currency and governmental regulations, strengthening the local market despite economic adversities.

Sparx’s vision, driven by the Deploy Group, seeks to democratise smartphone technology, aiming for digital inclusion across Pakistan. Asif Khan, Deploy Group’s Chairman, views smartphones as vital for a nation’s digital transformation. He articulated, “Sparx is about making connectivity a right, not a luxury. Our goal is to bridge the digital divide by offering affordable, high-quality smartphones, facilitating every Pakistani’s participation in the digital revolution.”

 Mr. Asif Khan Chairman. Deploy Group
Mr. Asif Khan Chairman. Deploy Group

Mr. Khan’s dedication towards digital inclusivity has won Sparx a leading market position and national recognition. His significant contributions to the industry were acknowledged by the President of Pakistan in a recent ceremony, reflecting Sparx’s substantial role in Pakistan’s technological advancement.

Sparx has upheld its promise of delivering high-quality technology with the launch of new models - Neo7 Ultra, Neo5 Plus, Neo7 Plus, and Neo X. These smartphones feature advanced specifications such as 50MP AI cameras, punch-hole displays, large batteries, and sonic charge capabilities, offering an unmatched experience at affordable prices.

However, Sparx’s commitment to customers surpasses merely providing advanced phones. CEO of Deploy Group, Zeeshan Qureshi, stated, “Sparx is a dream come true, aiming to surpass international brands in technology, quality, affordability, and customer care.” Managing Director, Naveed Rangeela, echoes this sentiment, highlighting Sparx’s role in improving Pakistanis’ lives and propelling the nation towards a prosperous digital future.

Mr Asif Khan, Chairman and Mr. Zeeshan Qureshi, CEO.
Mr Asif Khan, Chairman and Mr. Zeeshan Qureshi, CEO.

Sparx has set customer service benchmarks by offering a unique home-based solution, ensuring minimal inconvenience and disruption. Upon any technical problem, customers can dial a UAN number for pick-up and delivery of their repaired phone within 48 hours.

Even as a domestic brand, Sparx’s vision is global. It plans to extend its footprint to Central Asia, subject to governmental support. Locally, Sparx is initiating a ‘Tech Transfer Drive’ to educate and empower Pakistani youth about mobile phone assembly and manufacturing, contributing to the burgeoning tech industry.

Sparx Smartphones is a shining example of Pakistan’s entrepreneurial prowess. It competes with and outpaces international brands in technological innovation and customer service. Its strategic initiatives and vision are redefining the Pakistani smartphone market, setting a promising course for the future.

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