The medical report of Imran Khan (R) was shared on Friday by Health Minister Abdul Qadir Patel (L), who claimed that the report showed PTI leader’s test results from while he was under the National Accountability Bureau’s custody. — DawnNewsTV

‘Joke of a report’: Journalists, analysts point out contradictions in Imran’s medical certificate shared by health minister

The certificate states the PTI chief's mental stability is "questionable" at one point but also declares his mental function to be “intact”.
Published May 27, 2023

A medical fitness certificate of PTI Chairman Imran Khan, prepared by the Pakistan Institute of Medical Science (Pims) after his arrest on May 9 and released to the media on Friday, claimed that the former prime minister appears “under stress with anxiety symptoms” and had “little insight about the seriousness and reality of the current situation”.

The report was shared by Health Minister Abdul Qadir Patel in a press conference, who claimed that the report showed Imran’s test results from while he was under the National Accountability Bureau’s custody.

While the report claimed that Imran’s “mental stability is questionable”, elsewhere it declared his higher mental function to be “intact”, clinical status “stable” and deemed him “fit” for detention by the accountability watchdog.

PTI has claimed that it will take legal action against Patel under defamation and other laws. Meanwhile, many on Twitter reacted to Patel’s conference, pointing out the contradictory nature and poor quality of the report.

Senior journalist Abbas Nasir urged the stakeholder[s] to do better: “Surely, PPP could do better than to use this so-called ‘medical report’. Seriously, at least think about your own respect,” he tweeted.

Political analyst Mosharraf Zaidi termed the certificate a “joke of a letter” and questioned the quality of doctors who put together the reports.

“Forget former PM Imran Khan’s blood tests and the quality of doctors that would put together that joke of a ‘letter’.

Zaidi also seemed to criticise Patel’s competence as the health minister. “Just take a moment to breathe in the reality of Abdul Qadir Patel as Health Minister.

“A very elaborate and cruel simulation is being enacted,” he wrote.

Journalist and ARY TV show host Maria Memon discussed the medical report on her show, questioning the standard of ethics and seriousness of the doctors who signed the report as well as of Patel, who held a press conference “to discuss the urine sample of a political opponent.”

“If you consult medical experts about the report — both in Pakistan and abroad — they call it a joke.”

“I wish Qadir Patel had consulted someone about what the report even says. On the first page, Imran Khan’s higher mental function is intact, but on the second page, the mental function suddenly deteriorates… How is there such a big difference in the contents of page one and page two?” Memon questioned.

Lawyer Abdul Moiz Jaferii said, “We are not a serious country. What kind of a doctor would sign this? What are you telling the world?

“His higher mental function is ‘intact’ and he is ‘fit’ for nab custody on page 1 but his mental stability is questionable on page 2.

Jaferii dubbed the entire situation “a clown show.”