Shell Pakistan wants us to prioritise safe refuelling at all times. Here’s why

Simple acts of responsibility can help us all stay safe and avoid drastic consequences.
Published January 26, 2023

Anyone who practices car, bike, or rickshaw fuelling every day might realise the dangers of this process. There are already several precautions laid out by petrol service stations around the world, including turning electronic devices off, turning the engine off, and prohibition of smoking around the petrol station premises.

But there are some precautions that people are not aware of – or refuse to follow simply because they may be time consuming.

Safe refuelling – How to do it?

What is the safest way to refuel, especially for bikers and rickshaw drivers? The first and foremost important step to take for such vehicle drivers is getting off bikes or rickshaws and taking a few steps away while refuelling is being done.

Why is this important?

Moving away from the vehicle is important because it allows the individual a window to escape the danger in case of a fire. Recent cases of fire incidents and casualties consist mainly of bikers and rickshaw drivers, which could have been avoided with this particular practice.

How to ensure fuelling safety?

Now that we’ve stepped away from the vehicle, we have marked ourselves safe from casualties or heavy injuries. Further safety measures can be taken to avoid the ignition of fire during refuelling:

  1. Turn your cell phone off. Radiations from smart phones can react with the vapours and initiate a fire.
  2. Turn the engine off while refueling.
  3. Avoid any wire or engine modifications in your vehicle.
  4. Always listen to the safety advice given by the petrol station service provider.

Simple acts of responsibility can help us all in avoiding drastic consequences and staying safe for our loved ones.

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