Telenor Pakistan introduces telecom industry's first ever health and safety initiative for franchise staff

Telenor has also introduced direct to retail digital payments which minimise RSO’s exposure in market.
Published July 23, 2022

For employees to believe their work has a purpose, their needs must be acknowledged by their organisation. These include protection from physical risks, peace of mind, and knowing that if their health suffers, their finances would not.

To acknowledge this, Telenor Pakistan has implemented the telecom industry’s first-ever health and safety initiative called Health, Safety, Security and Environment (HSSE).

With this initiative, Telenor provides life & health insurance to all its franchise employees, covering them in circumstances of theft/mugging, hospitalisation, accidents, disability, illness, and death. This is especially extended to Retail Sales Officers (RSOs), who act as sales agents connecting Telenor with retailers,

RSOs travel on routes and visit retail stores daily to make sure Telenor products are available to consumers. They then carry cash from these transactions, which is deposited into franchisees' accounts across different banks. However, since RSOs ride on motorbikes with large sums of money, they are vulnerable to accidents and mugging events.

With Askari insurance as partner, every Franchise employee is covered by Health & Life Insurance. If anyone is injured during business operations, they receive insurance to cover their medical expenses. If they pass away, the insurance company grants the bereaved family insurance money.

Additionally, a Cash in Transit (CIT) insurance is given to all franchisees covering up to Rs500,000. In case a RSO is subject to mugging, they are compensated for the lost amount.

Telenor has partnered with major commercial banks, getting access to 200 cash deposit machines scattered across driving routes where RSOs can deposit the cash. Telenor has also introduced direct to retail digital payments which minimises RSO’s exposure in market by limiting the amount they have to carry and protects them from mugging.

Telenor has made it mandatory for all RSOs to ensure compliance to HSSE via a state-of-the-art distribution application Apollo. With Apollo, RSOs ensure they comply with safety laws, documenting wearing helmets on every trip, carrying an active driver’s license, and diagnosing their motorbike health.

With the Synergi Life tool, there is also an incident reporting framework for them to report all business-related incidents.

Telenor steadfast commitment to safety ensures that these policies are implemented so RSOs can perform their duties with peace of mind, knowing they are protected by their company. With this first-of-its-kind initiative, Telenor Pakistan has not only helped reduce physical risks for them but also improved their quality of life and empowered them to do more.

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