ACE Money Transfer and Bank Alfalah are giving away six KIA Sportage Alpha

Pakistani expats living in the UK, European Union, Switzerland, Australia, and Canada, can participate in the lucky draw.
Published June 15, 2022

Stand a chance to WIN one of six KIA Sportage with ACE Money Transfer and Bank Alfalah.

Many expats leave their loved ones behind for a better future and financial prospects. By doing so, not only do they uplift their families but the remittances sent by them have been among major contributors to the economic stability of Pakistan. Especially in light of recent political and economic turmoil, these remittances have become a vital source of foreign exchange inflows that boost our foreign exchange reserves.

With many remittance channels at their disposal, expats opt for the option that suits them best. Most of them go for legal channels which are reliable, faster and some are even free, whereas, others may go for options which are not only insecure but may even be illegal, having a negative impact on the country’s economy.

To combat such practices and in line with the vision of the State Bank of Pakistan, ACE Money Transfer and Bank Alfalah are offering a robust and efficient solution that provides security, convenience and saves our expats time and money.

The partnership between Bank Alfalah, one of the largest commercial banks in Pakistan, and ACE Money Transfer, a leading online remittance provider, has been going from strength to strength through effective marketing campaigns that reward customers for using legal remittance channels to send money to Pakistan. This year, reinforcing their commitment to facilitating overseas Pakistanis with fast, secure and convenient remittance mediums, ACE Money Transfer and Bank Alfalah have launched a mega campaign offering six KIA Sportage Alpha.

Pakistani expats living in the UK, European Union, Switzerland, Australia, and Canada, can participate in the lucky draw by simply sending money via ACE Money Transfer to any Bank Alfalah account or as cash pickup from any of the 750+ branches across Pakistan and stand a chance to win 1 of 6 brand new KIA Sportage Alpha.

Furthermore, you can increase your chances of winning the lucky draw by making multiple transactions. However, you can only make one entry within one day.

In addition to the prize, the advanced infrastructure offers customers:

• Fee-free transfer on remittances more than USD 100

• Instant transfer in as fast as 7 seconds

• Utility bill payments in Pakistan directly from the sending country

• Ability to send to and receive money in mobile wallets in Pakistan

• Safe and secure payments with status updates and transaction tracking

• Money transfer and cash withdrawal facility from ATMs even on weekends and public holidays

Simply download the ACE Money Transfer app, send your remittance to any Bank Alfalah branch or as cash pickup to any branch across Pakistan and WIN.

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