Waves Pakistan launches Winverter freezers, space-saving refrigerators to reduce energy consumption

For the past four decades, the company has been actively introducing innovative products to the local market.
Updated 08 Sep, 2021 02:39pm

Waves Pakistan has become a household name in the refrigerator and household appliance segment of the local market due to product reliability, high quality customer service and modern cooling technology.

Keeping in mind climatic conditions, consumer demands and affordability, Waves Pakistan has time and again introduced innovative technology to provide solutions through their wide range of household appliances.

By understanding local challenges and demands, Waves Pakistan is able to set itself apart in the local industry.

For the past four decades, the company has been committed to reinventing and innovating user-friendly household appliances.

The company that kicked off production of refrigerators in 1976 stands amongst leading brands in Pakistan today, pioneering manufacturing of deep freezers, microwaves, washing machines and air conditioners.

Appliances designed to save energy

For many consumers, the high costs of running a refrigerator remains an important concern.

Addressing this challenge, Waves Pakistan has introduced the Waves Winverter, powered with inverter technology that guarantees reduced consumption of electricity.

The new Winverter is also designed to function during fluctuating voltage without any damage.

Celebrities like Nadia Hussain and Juggan Kazim have also shared their experience with the Waves Winverter.

Here's what Nadia Hussain has to say about her experience with the new technology appliance:

Juggan Kazim has also highlighted numerous benefits of the Waves Winverter, offered at an affordable price.

New space-efficient refrigerators now available at attractive prices

With their latest campaign 'Na bara, na chota - just perfect', Waves Pakistan has introduced a new refrigerator range in the market targeted towards people who fail to find the right size of refrigerator for household use.

By developing space-efficient, high-quality refrigerators, available in multiple exciting colours, the company is now offering customers multiple options to choose from.

Waves Pakistan hopes to expand its range of products to continue serving uncompromised quality of household appliances to the Pakistani market.

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