Here are 8 tips that will help you brave your next grocery run

Running out of essentials sooner than usual? Keep all this in mind before you head out for your next shopping expedition
Published May 10, 2020

As Covid-19 continues to upend tasks as mundane as grocery shopping, it is getting harder to stay fully stocked at home while also limiting outdoor movement.

As we steadily empty the pantry and fridge to cope with the situation, we feel we're running out of grocery items sooner than usual.

To help quell anxiety as we head out to shop for essentials, we're discussing a plan that will ensure we don't end up befriending the coronavirus.

Here's a look at all that we've figured so far:

1. Choose a supermarket that is serious about preventive measures

As much as we'd like to shut our eyes to this, there are more than a ton of stores in Pakistan that are still figuring how to introduce safe spacing and social distancing measures and failing to get visitors to comply by the rules.

2. Make sure you're wearing and carrying the right safety gear before you head out

And here's an absolute no-brainer: leave family home.

3. Once in the store, do not ignore distance markers

To keep the many modes of virus transmission at bay, a store that cares for its customers will have markers or signs inside to indicate safe distance.

4. Make sure you touch as little things as possible

Skip checking out things that you know you will probably not end up buying.

5. Sanitise religiously the store, at the check-out, in the car and everywhere else.

6. Do not hoard things

Keep in mind your social responsibility as you shop by respecting ration limits set in place to discourage panic buying.

7. Try to ensure cashless check out

It's always a good idea to not rely on paper money too much to reduce physical contact.

8. Do not violate special shopping timings of the store

Coronavirus or no coronavirus, being kind and respectful is a 24/7 job.

To ensure you don't end up stressing others out, follow shopping limits and timings, and be kind to store employees as they try to help everyone shop safely.

Our recommendation: make a visit to SPAR Pakistan

If you're based in Karachi or Faisalabad, we'd suggest you make a stop at SPAR Pakistan for your next grocery expedition.

Here's why:

  • The store checks temperature of all employees and customers when they enter.

  • Face masks are absolutely compulsory for every customer and employee; the store doesn't allow entry without one.

  • Social distancing marks inside the store ensure customers keep safe distance from each other between the aisles and at check-out.

  • The store allows a limited number of customers in at a time; senior citizens and kids are not allowed inside at the moment.

  • Regular sterilization of floor, touch points and aisles is a norm. Additionally, each customer's cart is disinfected upon arrival.

  • Hand sanitizers are placed inside and at the entrance of the store for employees and customer to use freely.

  • Recently introduced, the call and collect program allows customers to place orders via phone in advance and pick them from one physical touchpoint in-store to reduce social interaction.

Talking about the many preventive measures set in place by the store, Mr. Naveed Sultan, CEO SPAR Pakistan, says, " Our employees are working hard to make sure that we maintain our standards of freshness and quality for which we are known around the world. We are extremely proud of our heroes on the frontline who are leaving no stone unturned in providing exceptional customer service in what are truly unprecedented and challenging times. We have also introduced Call and Collect facility so that customers can call us in advance for the items needed and collect at the time communicated which reduces in-store interaction as well as saves time."

About SPAR Pakistan

SPAR is a supermarket offering fresh fruits and vegetables, fresh meat, grocery and household products with an in-store pharmacy and bakery.

SPAR is an international retail chain with over 13,000+ stores in 48 countries. In Pakistan SPAR Supermarket has 3 stores and has plans to expand across the country.

The store has its presence in two locations in Karachi; one at Alamgir Road, Sharfabad and the other at Miran Shah Road, Muhammad Ali Society/KDA scheme 1. The Faisalabad store is located on Eden Valley Road.

Here's a look at how SPAR's maintaining in-store hygiene standards:

To find out more details, visit SPAR Pakistan's official website, Facebook page or Instagram account.

This content is produced in paid partnership with SPAR Pakistan and is not associated with or necessarily reflective of the views of or its editorial staff.