Freelancers in Pakistan can now receive funds in real time. Here's how

JazzCash and Payoneer have partnered to promote mobile money across Pakistan to facilitate freelance payments
Published January 15, 2020

JazzCash has stepped in to facilitate freelancers in Pakistan by enabling them to directly receive funds from a Payoneer account into their JazzCash account.

This initiative allows fund transfers to take place instantly and in real time.

How to use the app

Funds from Payoneer can be received instantly in JazzCash Mobile Account.

Freelancers can register their JazzCash mobile account by downloading the application and then linking their Payoneer account with it; this step ensures that users do not need to traveling to bank branches and provide extensive documentation for account opening.

The process

Here's how the linking process takes place:

  1. Open JazzCash app and select Payoneer.

  2. Go through the steps before selecting link account.

  3. Enter your Payoneer user/email ID and password to proceed.

  4. A message confirming account link is received.

Here's how the withdrawal process takes place:

  1. Select Payoneer from JazzCash app

  2. Enter the amount you wish to withdraw (in dollars)

  3. Review withdrawal details and provide MPIN/finger print verification

  4. Receive a confirmation receipt upon successful withdrawal.

Key features

JazzCash and Payoneer's partnership ensures freelancers reap many benefits from the service in as little time as possible.

Here are the top ones:

  1. Users can withdraw as little as $1 from their JazzCash account.

  2. This service provides better exchange rates

  3. JazzCash ensures instant and real time fund transfers compared to conventional banking system that ends up taking 3-4 working days at minimum.

  4. Customers are offered up to 2 free-of-charge cash withdrawals using the JazzCash VISA Debit Card and 1 free-of-charge interbank funds transfer using the JazzCash App in the payment receiving month.

  5. Customers can also withdraw funds from more than 85K+ JazzCash agents across the country.

  6. Funds can also be utilized to pay utility bills, transfer funds, conduct mobile top-ups and make online payments etc.

Direct payment options

Funds via JazzCash can help customers make payments for the following:

  1. Online payments

  2. Buses, cinema and Pakistan Railway ticket payments

  3. Internet bills

  4. Motorway M-Tag recharge

  5. Islamabad traffic police challan payments

  6. School fee payments

For more details on how the process takes place, head over to this section on their official website.

While JazzCash does not charge any fee for withdrawal from Payoneer, customers will be charged a standard withdrawal fee of 2% per withdrawal by Payoneer.

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