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Here's how Yayvo's latest campaign is #DeliveringChange across Pakistan this Ramazan

The partnership will support LRBT, KDSP, Behbud and other developmental initiatives via donations.
Updated Jun 03, 2019 01:42pm

Yayvo is yet again out to deliver change all over Pakistan with a campaign, just like last year.

Yayvo is collaborating with several NGOs to collect donations for those in need this Ramazan. This time, the e-com platform is 'Delivering Change' on a bigger scale.

Pakistanis can now make donations to trustworthy welfare organizations through the Yayvo website without physically visiting them.

Supporting a number of social welfare organisations, Yayvo is now helping Pakistanis make donations as low as Rs50 through their website. is helping these organizations:

These ventures facilitate education, medical support, meals and supplies for iftar and sehri.

Here's a quick look at how Yayvo intends to assist these NGOs this year:

1. SINA Health, Education & Welfare Trust

Quality healthcare is the basic right of every citizen.

Donation products for SINA range from Rs500 to Rs20,000.

You can help the organisation provide doctor's consultation, basic health screening, medicines, lab tests, ultrasounds and referral services.

2. Behbud Association – Karachi

Help Behbud empower the women of Pakistan through education.

Donation products for Behbud range from Rs500 to Rs18,000.

Donations can help sponsor education for children and adults and become their helping hand in providing treatments for patients of tuberculosis.

3. Saylani Welfare Trust

Join hands with Saylani and participate in food drives that organise iftars, dinners and ration boxes.

Donation products for Saylani range from Rs220 to Rs2350.

4. Aman foundation

Help Aman Foundation in making Pakistan's youth an asset for the country.

Donation products for Aman foundation range from Rs550 to Rs99,000.

Giving zakat to this organisation can support programs that save lives and sponsor education for the underprivileged.

5. Al Khidmat Foundation

This organisation believes in serving humanity with integrity.

Ranging from Rs800 to Rs6000, Al Khidmat offers packages on the Yayvo website to seek assistance in supporting education, treatment of patients and meal boxes for sehri and iftar.

6. Karachi Down Syndrome Program (KDSP)

Yayvo promotes value, acceptance and inclusion of people with Down's Syndrome in our society.

Yayvo is offering donation products ranging from Rs500 to Rs100,000.

These packages will assist the organisation in providing support for speech therapy, education, occupational/physical support and scholarships.

7. Layton Rahmatulla Benevolent Trust (LRBT)

Help Layton Rahmatullah Benevolent Trust fight visual impairment in Pakistan.

Yayvo is offering donation products ranging from Rs500 to Rs1000.

These packages will assist the organisation in supporting children's surgery and general zakat.

8. The Citizens Foundation

Help TCF provide quality education by removing all barriers of class and privilege to make citizens of Pakistan agents of positive change.

Yayvo is offering donation products ranging from Rs50 to Rs1,400.

Donation dynamics

For more details, head over to Yayvo's official campaign page.

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