Pakistan Muslim League - Nawaz.
Published July 14, 2018

Key stances

  • Believes in having a strategy for progress and development, but has yet to to offer a concrete one

  • Advocates supremacy of law

  • Believes in policy of non-confrontation with institutions, supremacy of democracy: "A clash of institutions would be harmful for the system. Therefore, all of us should work together. I love my forces — army, Rangers and police. If any harm is done to Pakistan we cannot forgive ourselves. The solution to all problems is in democracy."

  • Known for his close contacts with party workers at the grassroots level

  • A senior PML-N leader once said Hamza acted as a deputy chief minister of sorts to his father Shahbaz when he was CM Punjab

  • Businessman with stakes in textile, sugar, steel and trading. Known as the 'poultry king' of Punjab

  • Rumours of rift between him and Maryam Nawaz have surfaced since she came into the limelight; he, however, has dismissed them