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Extracts from communication trends, brands & personalities that defined the last 70 years of the advertising industry
Updated 02 Apr, 2018 02:27pm

1. Everyone’s guilty pleasure

Mamun M. Adil profiles Mathira, one of Pakistan’s most controversial celebrities. (November-December 2011)

2. Losing my nationality

Ali A. Rizvi laments the path of creative ‘Indianisation’ that Pakistan’s advertising industry has taken. (March-April 2012)

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3. The lure of Humsafar

Shahrezad Samiuddin discusses how Humsafar succeeded in bringing about a resurgence of Pakistani TV dramas. (March-April 2012)

4. The red effect

Marylou Andrew explores the realities of the apparently enduring ‘Pak-Cheen dosti. (March-April 2012)

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5. Amul – The Taste of India

Zohra Yusuf reviews Amul's India: Based On 50 Years Of Amul Advertising By DaCuncha Communication. (September-October 2012)

6. From Turkey with love

Shahrezad Samiuddin examines the Ishq-e-Mamnu phenomenon and how it caused an almost collapse of home-grown television productions. (March-April 2013)

7. Immortal influencers

Mamun M. Adil reviews 'The 100 most influential people who never lived' (January-February 2014)

8. How to catch a lion

Assam Khalid and Ail Rez provide a 7-step guide on how to create award-winning campaigns. (September-October 2015)

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9. Chori is not inspiration

Muzaffar Manghi highlights how blatant plagiarism is entrenched in Pakistani advertising. (November-December 2015)

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10. If all else fails, there is always the cat

Amir Haleem gives his opinion about what makes content go viral. (July-August 2016)

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11. Log kya kehengay?

Rashna Abdi takes issue with the fact that women continue to be stereotyped in the Pakistani media and in its advertising. (July-August 2016)

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12. Eight ingredients to ruin Pakistan’s ad industry

Afzal Hussain identifies eight fallacies which are pushing the advertising industry towards mediocrity. (September-October 2016)

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13. Sir JJ in the building

Ayesha Shaikh looks back at Junaid Jamshed’s legacy. (November-December 2016)

14. Ten commandments for creatives

Rashna Abdi outlines “10 commandments” that creatives must adhere to. (March-April 2017)

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15. Advertising rehab

Umair Kazi presents a ‘detox’ programme for advertising professionals. (May-June 2017)

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16. Work It Mom

Atiya Zaidi on the challenges working mothers face in the advertising profession. (May-June 2017)

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17. How not to annoy your audience

Umair Saeed on how mid-video advertisements on digital media are intrusive and ineffective. (September-October 2017)

18. Finding Pakistaniat

Tyrone Tellis advocates the need to induct the concept of Pakistaniat in our advertising. (November-December 2017)

19. Guess who wrote a decent print ad the other day?

What makes Javed Jabbar’s ‘Alexander’ ad memorable almost 50 years since it was created? Ali Rex explains. (November-December 2017)

20. Women’s rights and men’s wrongs

Asrar Alam highlights gender stereotyping in Pakistani advertising. (January-February 2018)

21. TV commercials by Asiatic advertising

Read our special report: THE DAWN OF ADVERTISING IN PAKISTAN (1947-2017)