Arpatech Technology Ventures: Revitalising Pakistan's IT scene

The company currently has four active ventures incubating in its idea lab.
Updated 25 Jul, 2016 06:11pm

The Government of Pakistan has decided to continue with tax exemption on software import till 2019. The exemption is expected to further boost the growth in the already flourishing industry, which, with the introduction of 3G and 4G spectrums, is all set to achieve new heights.

Along with typical software houses, new and innovative startups are equally benefiting from the recent alterations.

There are currently over a dozen large scale technology incubators supporting various multiple scale ventures with the likes of Arpatech Technology Ventures, DotZero, Nest I/O, Dot9, and Plan 9 being some of the top ones.

The concept of “venture capital” evolved in the early 20th century in United States. The model was soon followed by financial and IT companies worldwide.

In Pakistan “venture capital” introduced a completely new approach facilitating a rapid shift of consumers from traditional marketing to E-commerce and the quest for convenience leading to a new paradigm.

According to an estimate the venture industry in Pakistan is worth USD 600 million. With immense potential in the technology sector, a fact that is proven by existence of over 30 million internet users, we are looking upon a ripened environment in coming times.

The figure is expected to grow to a massive 56 million by the year 2019.

Arpatech Technology Ventures – Innovation with Excellence

Arpatech Private Limited, a technology company, is a relatively new entrant in the venture market and currently has four active ventures incubating in its idea lab.

A specialised wing, Arpatech Technology Ventures is known for its success story,, an online food ordering portal that captured the market in a very short span of time.

Since then, the company has invested in ventures involving the ones challenging the social pattern of the society.

The official launch of Sheops (a women only market place) highlights the company’s cause of women empowerment, as it aims to provide female entrepreneurs a platform to connect with the female audience of the country and help convert their businesses into success stories.

Just over a year old venture, TazaMart, an online grocery store has garnered customer trust for its fresh and quick grocery deliveries.

TazaMart is now delivering in more than 200 cities in Pakistan.

Further exploring the e-shopping sector, Arpatech Technology Ventures launched its own online shopping store,

Known for the branded products and remarkable prices, the store has been able to secure considerable market share.

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