Pakistan at the Asia Cup: A fly-on-the-wall look

NFP gives the inside scoop on Pakistan's performance at the Asia Cup.
Published March 3, 2016

The captain and coach discuss tactics:

Pepsi fans react to another Afridi debacle:

Another Pakistani batsman learns from his mistakes:

Sami bowled two no-balls in a crucial over against Bangladesh. Here he demonstrates how playing football actually lengthened his legs by at least 3.5 inches. Wasn’t his fault:

Former Test batsman, Khurram Manzoor, reacts after being told that he’s been selected in the Pakistan T20 squad:

Hafeez in deep thought after failing with the bat again:

The manager found a new way to discipline the batsmen — Good old-fashioned spanking:

Wahab after being dropped …

Meanwhile, in a reality far, far away …

Disclaimer: This article is categorised as satire.