Army Public School attack: Yasirullah - Age 13

Updated Dec 11, 2015 02:41pm

Son of Hav Nasirullah and Razia Bibi

Siblings: Tahirullah (APS student, 8th class, 12 years), Mansha Nasir (10), Insha Nasir (7), Aliza Nasir (3).

A punctual and studious child, Yasirullah originally aspired to become a doctor. He was then selected to Cadet College Razmak which is when he changed his mind, saying he wanted to become an army soldier.

Hailing from Chitral, Young Yasirullah enjoyed playing sports and won many medals and awards for his performances in cricket, badminton and football matches.

He was fond of tourism and would always partake in school trips. During holidays, he liked spending time in Chitral.

His father Nasirullah says every time he sees his son’s friends, he misses Yasirullah very much and his brother Tahirullah remembers how Yasirullah just loved having chips all the time. The two would go with their cousins to buy chips and enjoy those over chit-chat. Yasirullah’s best friend was his cousin Syed Zulqarnain Shah and the two died in the same auditorium during the Peshawar massacre.

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