Army Public School attack: Wasif Ali Khattak - Age 13

Son of Captain Ali Khan Khattak and ShahnoonSiblings: Asim (24), Laiba (22), Saqib (20), Asif Siraj (19)Wasif was ...
Published December 1, 2015

Son of Captain Ali Khan Khattak and Shahnoon

Siblings: Asim (24), Laiba (22), Saqib (20), Asif Siraj (19)

Wasif was the youngest of five siblings and for this reason, all his demands and wishes were met by his parents and siblings.

He loved animals. He once saw a puppy drowning in a canal and jumped in to rescue it.

He aspired to become a doctor when he grew up. He wanted to work in his village of Gundi Mirah Khan Khel Khattak. He would often tell his brother of his dream to establish a free treatment clinic in the village after he secured an MBBS degree.

His parents cannot stop their tears when they speak about their youngest. They miss him dearly and wish he was with them every day.

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