Army Public School attack : Saqib Ghani - Age: 19

Son of Maj (retd) Sher Ghani and Iffat QamarSiblings: Ambreen Ghani (30), Adnan Ghani (25), Sarish Ghani (25),...
Published December 1, 2015

Son of Maj (retd) Sher Ghani and Iffat Qamar

Siblings: Ambreen Ghani (30), Adnan Ghani (25), Sarish Ghani (25), Mehwish Ghani (22)

“Our college is under attack. Firing is going on. Please pray,” is the last message Saqib Ghani sent to his mother.

Saqib’s cousin Asfandyar says he helped those less fortunate than him. When he was promoted to Class 10, he came to know one of his classmates was unable to afford a new uniform. Without informing his parents, Saqib bought a new uniform and gifted it to his classmate. His parents were impressed by the act when they came to know of it.

Saqib aspired to be a civil engineer. He was also inspired by his retired Army Major father, his sister Mehwish says, and desired to fight militancy as an army officer.

He was fond of driving cars and bike rides. Photography and singing were hobbies of his, and he was popular amongst friends and cousins for his singing.

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