Army Public School attack : Awais Ahmed - Age: 14

Son of Sub Ikramullah and Hameeda AhmedSiblings: Ishfaq Ahmed (26), Nazia Ahmed (25), Shahab Ahmed (23), Waqas Ahmed...
Published December 1, 2015

Son of Sub Ikramullah and Hameeda Ahmed

Siblings: Ishfaq Ahmed (26), Nazia Ahmed (25), Shahab Ahmed (23), Waqas Ahmed (18), Zeeshan Ahmed (17), Nimra Ahmed (8)

A respectful and empathetic child, Awais wanted to study medicine and become a doctor. He often lamented the condition of hospitals, particularly those in villages, and hoped to do his bit in improving and reforming systems.

Awais was the youngest among the sons and his father, who has lost two sons to the APS massacre, remembers him as his most intelligent child. He was very good in Mathematics and also helped his siblings in academics. Awais also got many medals and certificates and was considered a bright student by his teachers.

Like most boys his age, Awais enjoyed having fast food. He also enjoyed Pakistani food, with chicken biryani being his favourite dish as well as a dish that involved spinach cooked with cheese that he often asked his mother to make for him.

Young Awais was also fond of keeping pets. At one point, he had two pigeons that he looked after and when one of them died, Awais couldn’t eat anything out of grief.

Awais had a kind heart. His father recalls that once Awais spotted a bird trapped in a tree. The tree was very high so Awais gathered his friends and they got a ladder in order to reach the bird and release it.

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