Army Public School attack: Nawab Ali (teacher) – Age 42

Son of Fazal Rabani and Husn Zaiba.Children: Faizan (13), Habiba Gul (10), Ayesha (9).Lecturer: Math Qualification:...
Published December 1, 2015

Son of Fazal Rabani and Husn Zaiba.

Children: Faizan (13), Habiba Gul (10), Ayesha (9).

Lecturer: Math

Qualification: Msc math, M.ed.

Nawab was a self-made man. When he was a student, he would work after school to earn money for his school fees. Even then, he was a math genius, and was popular in his hometown Charsadda for his math skills. He joined APS as a math teacher in 2000.

His wife says he was a wonderful husband and also a loving and responsible father. His daughter Ayesha says he used to take joy in celebrating her birthday and get her dolls. She says he had a ‘smiling face’.

His colleagues, too, remember him fondly and recall the many instances when he would treat them to shola chawal – a Charsadda specialty.

After his death, his wife is a broken woman. Her son tries to be brave and give his family hope, but they all miss him very much.

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