Army Public School attack: Zeeshan Shafique – Age 15

Son of Hav ® Muhammad Shafique and Bismillah JanSiblings: Yasir Shafique (12), Danial Shafique (9), Masooma ...
Updated 11 Dec, 2015 02:49pm

Son of Hav Muhammad Shafique and Bismillah Jan

Siblings: Yasir Shafique (12), Danial Shafique (9), Masooma Shafique (3)

A student of the APS since 2004, Zeeshan had started at the school from a play group. A bright child, not only would Zeeshan be top of his class, he would also help his siblings with their homework.

Zeeshan was also a good athlete, enjoyed playing football and would be very competitive in matches.

He was also fond of keeping pets, with pigeons being his favourite. His mother recalls how he kept pigeons at home and looked after them well. Once he was feeding the pigeons late in the night, his mother remembers, adding how she asked him to do so in the morning or during the day instead.

Son of a soldier, Zeeshan too aspired to join the army and serve the country. His father remembers his joy when Zeeshan was born; his grandfather had sacrificed three goats.

Zeeshan was also fond of fast food and snacks and enjoyed eating sweet peas, parathas and burgers. The burgers, his mother remembers, he would often make for himself.

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