Army Public School attack: Zeeshan Ali – Age 15

Son of Hav Abdul Qayyum and Samina BibiSiblings: Saman Qayyum (13), Sidra Qayyum (11), Ayesh Qayyum (7), Fatima...
Updated 11 Dec, 2015 02:49pm

Son of Hav Abdul Qayyum and Samina Bibi

Siblings: Saman Qayyum (13), Sidra Qayyum (11), Ayesh Qayyum (7), Fatima Qayyum (4)

Aspiring to become a doctor, Zeeshan Ali was a very intelligent and responsible child. Eldest among the siblings, Zeeshan was also the only brother who was devoted to his sisters. A caring and jolly brother, he would often take his sisters on bike rides and would buy candy for them.

Zeeshan started studying at APS Peshawar soon after his father was transferred to Peshawar. This was weeks before the massacre and in that very short time, he had succeeded in becoming one of his teachers’ favourite students.

Young Zeeshan was also fond of shopping and buying new clothes. His father remembers that Zeeshan’s uncle was getting married on Dec 16, 2014 and he had wanted new clothes for the ceremony. For that, he was supposed to go shopping with his mother after school that day but that was not to be.

Zeeshan enjoyed playing cricket and football and liked bike-riding and kite-flying. He would often fly kites with his sisters after getting done with school and homework.

He was also fond of good food with his taste ranging from a plate of plain daal chawal to one of super spicy chicken biryani.

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