Army Public School attack: Usama Bin Tariq – Age 15

Son of Naik Subedar Tariq Mehmood and Safina TariqSiblings: Umama Tariq (15), Sana Tariq (12)The eldest of three...
Published December 1, 2015

Son of Naik Subedar Tariq Mehmood and Safina Tariq

Siblings: Umama Tariq (15), Sana Tariq (12)

The eldest of three siblings and the only boy, Usama was very special to his parents. His father says he was a handsome young boy.

He aspired to be an army officer when he grew up. He was especially concerned about poor people displaced by military operations in the north and wanted to work towards their rehabilitation.

He was a brilliant soccer player and often used to play with his father. They were like best friends. His father had recently bought a brand new bike for him.

His mother is devastated by the death of her son. She often looks at his photographs and talks to them, believing her son is still alive.

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