Army Public School attack: Zargham Mazhar - Age 16

Son of N/Sub Mazhar and Mukhtair BibiSiblings: Naheed Mazhar (23), Shahzad Mazhar (21), Shahbaz Mazhar (19), ...
Published December 1, 2015

Son of N/Sub Mazhar and Mukhtair Bibi

Siblings: Naheed Mazhar (23), Shahzad Mazhar (21), Shahbaz Mazhar (19), Shahzadi Bakthwar (4)

Zargham Mazhar Shaheed was a serious and studious child. He enjoyed reading and in his free time often read books that were not part of his coursework to increase his knowledge. He would also recommend books to his siblings.

A bright student, he would feature among the top students of his class. He was also class proctor and was prominent among his peers due to his attentiveness and gumption.

His father remembers how young Zargham was fond of gardening and looked after his plants and flowers every day. Zargham loved having chai paratha. He also had a sweet tooth and would ask his mother on the weekends to make him some custard.

Zargham wanted to join the army and his parents used to call him “little soldier”. He had also cleared the test for the military college in Jhelum but died before his admission could be finalised.

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