Army Public School attack: Muhammad Mohsin Murtaza – Age 15

Updated Dec 11, 2015 02:51pm

Son of SM (R) Gulam Murtaza and Fazeelat Jan

Siblings: Gulam Mujtaba (12 dec 1986), Yaseen Akhter (02 aug 1988), Noureen Akhter (15 oct 1990), Gulam Yaseen (30 oct 1992), Ahsan Murtaza (31 Dec 1994), Munira Murtaza (20 june 2000), Saifullah (20 oct 2002), Zobia Murtaza (30 oct 2006).

In a family of nine children, Mohsin stood out with his excellent qualities. He was kind and honest, and loved to help those in need.

He excelled in academics and had also won many prizes for the same. He enjoyed playing cricket, soccer and football. Mohsin would never let anything get in the way of his prayers and said them religiously.

He liked eating all kinds of food but fish, in particular, was his favourite. He would often gather his friends and go fishing.

On the day of the APS attack, he demanded a sweater and his sister assured him that his wish would be fulfilled after he returned from school.

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