Army Public School attack: Farhan Jalal – Age 15

Son of Jalal Bayar and Syeda BegumSiblings: Hassan Hasrat Jabeen (30), Asfandyar (29), Sheryar (28), Siyar (27),...
Published December 1, 2015

Son of Jalal Bayar and Syeda Begum

Siblings: Hassan Hasrat Jabeen (30), Asfandyar (29), Sheryar (28), Siyar (27), Arshanyar (26), Naveeda (18), Kashif (17), Taif (16).

The day of the attack, Farhan jumped to save his brother when he saw the attackers enter the auditorium. When they opened fire, Farhan pushed Taif to the floor and covered him, saving his brother.

According to his father Farhan was the most outstanding of his nine children. He may have been the youngest but was the most intelligent and active. He was very close to Taif, who is just a year older than him.

He wanted to be a fighter pilot when he grew up. He watched videos of fighter jets for hours on end. Physics and chemistry was his best subjects.

While he loved to read books that told war stories, his favourite pastime was playing video games. Project I.G.I and Grand Theft Auto were his top picks.

He was a happy-go-lucky soul who loved to travel to local tourist hotspots like Murree and Islamabad. He liked to eat junk food but was always down for some spicy homemade chicken karahi.

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