Army Public School attack: Mohammad Ammar Khan – Age 15

Son of Lt Col (R) Ibrahim Khan Shinwari and Raheeda BegumSiblings: Mohammad Salman Khan (21), Mohammad Arsalan Khan...
Published December 1, 2015

Son of Lt Col (R) Ibrahim Khan Shinwari and Raheeda Begum

Siblings: Mohammad Salman Khan (21), Mohammad Arsalan Khan (no age given), and two sisters (no names and ages given)

An aspiring doctor, Mohammad Ammar Khan wanted to serve the people of his community and his hometown Landi Kotal when he grew up. When the military operation started in Khyber Agency, of which Landi Kotal is the main town, Ammar was very worried for people who did not have enough to manage through the operation.

Youngest among his siblings, Ammar was very fond of travelling to different places. He enjoyed visiting hilly and snowy areas. He often arranged picnics and parties with his friends and was even planning to travel to Murree with them but the trip kept on getting postponed.

Ammar was a good soccer player and also ran very fast. His brother Salman, who was also his closest friend, recalls Ammar's love for vegetables and spicy food, especially BBQ.

Although a very intelligent student who always secured over 80% in exams, his teachers felt he was still a little carefree and only studied during exam days.

His parents recall an incident when Ammar found a wallet full of cash and important cards. The wallet belonged to a man who lived in Nowshera and Ammar went all the way there to return it to its owner.

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