Army Public School attack: Zain Iqbal - Age 19

Son of Mr and Mrs Mohammad IqbalSiblings: Aqsa Iqbal (24) and Mohammad Haris Iqbal (22)Zain was a responsible and...
Published December 1, 2015

Son of Mr and Mrs Mohammad Iqbal

Siblings: Aqsa Iqbal (24) and Mohammad Haris Iqbal (22)

Zain was a responsible and diligent student. He stuck by his daily schedules for work and studied hard to be the best student in his class. His father says that he was killed in the very same hall where he used to make presentations for his Biology class. His family describes him as the soul of any party, and says his teachers would often say that he was the life of the school.

His uniform was always neat and freshly washed and ironed. He kept five pairs of the uniform so each could look fresh when he wore it over the year. His mother said his teachers would often bring Zulqarnain to the front of the class and say his cleanliness and discipline is exemplary.

After his death, Zulqarnain’s family learnt of an ageing man in the neighbourhood who died when he heart of the young boy’s death. They discovered that Zulqarnain would frequently offer a lift to the elderly man when he was on his way to the mosque, and the two would pray together.

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