Army Public School attack: Ishaq Amin - Age 18

Son of Mohammad Amin and ZarshidaSiblings: Waqar Amin (27), Said Amin (25), Dilawais (23), Amir Amin (17 — APS...
Published December 1, 2015

Son of Mohammad Amin and Zarshida

Siblings: Waqar Amin (27), Said Amin (25), Dilawais (23), Amir Amin (17 — APS student: he was also injured with his brother in the attack), Asfandyar Amin (12)

A serious child, Ishaq Amin was a devoted student and enjoyed the sciences. Although a respectful child, Ishaq also enjoyed when someone called him lala (uncle) and treated him as an elder. He was very close to his brother Amir Amin — an APS student who was injured during the Dec 16 attack — and the two were good friends.

His brothers tell how Ishaq enjoyed playing cricket and baseball. He also liked watching English movies, particularly horror films or those relating to combat and war heroes.

A photographer in his own right, young Ishaq loved a good landscape. He also had a good voice and sang songs sometimes.

A child still, he would ask his father to bring sacrificial animals for Eidul Azha a week in advance so he could get time to play with them.

Ishaq was a naughty child. His brother recalls how Ishaq used to plan who should be punished in class on a given day. Once, he pulled a trick and when the teacher became angry, Ishaq blamed it on a friend of his (Umer) who was then punished and asked to leave the classroom. Despite this, his brothers tell us how Ishaq had five best friends.

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