Army Public School attack: Malik Taimoor - Age 16

Son of Karim Khan and Rozeena BibiSiblings: Roshna Bibi (27), Qaiser Khan (25), Maryam Bibi (23), Nasir Khan ...
Published December 1, 2015

Son of Karim Khan and Rozeena Bibi

Siblings: Roshna Bibi (27), Qaiser Khan (25), Maryam Bibi (23), Nasir Khan (20)

Four months before the attack, Malik participated in a skit which illustrated a terrorist attack at the school. In the role of an army major, Malik was killed fighting militants.

The day of the horrific attack, his classmates say Malik died just as heroically. When he saw the militants set his principal Mrs Tahira Qazi on fire, he leapt to save her, hoping to extinguish the flames. It was too late for both of them. The cowardly terrorists attacked him from behind, hitting him in the head.

He loved his principal. Malik’s father narrates a story of the day he shared his sachet of instant lemonade with her, because he felt it was important for her to stay hydrated on a hot summer day.

A native of Charsadda, Malik was the youngest of five siblings and was loved and spoilt by them. He loved to eat, and was pleased with his skill at making the best omelettes.

His siblings appear to be shocked into a silence at the loss of their youngest. His mother says her heart breaks every day, and that she will never forget her son.

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