Army Public School attack: Ibrar Zahid — Age: 18

Son of Zahid Rashid and Shahida BanoSiblings: Mohammad Azkaar Zahid (15), Mohammad Absar Zahid (11)The eldest ...
Published December 1, 2015

Son of Zahid Rashid and Shahida Bano

Siblings: Mohammad Azkaar Zahid (15), Mohammad Absar Zahid (11)

The eldest amongst his siblings, Ibrar was a hardworking student and responsible young man. His father says when his son was alive, he did not have to worry about his younger children as Ibrar looked after them like a parent. He also took great care of his mother, and would often run errands with her or take her to the hospital for check ups.

He was obsessed with computer hardware and software and hoped to be an engineer when he grew up.

He loved cricket and was often seen playing outside the house with his friends. He wouldn’t miss a Pakistan cricket match for the world, and would make special arrangements to watch the match in a large group on the day of a big game.

Ibrar was shot three times – in the spine, chest and leg. He fought for his life for a week after the attack, but succumbed to his injuries on December 23.

His mother misses him terribly. She breaks down at any mention of him and caresses Ibrar’s things – photographs, trophies, books, his school bag – and says she will never forget him.

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