Army Public School attack: Bilal Arshad — Age: 17

Son of Arshad Ali & Naheed ArshadSiblings: Rashid Ali (19), Shahkar Ali (18), Mashal Arshad (14), Saleena Arshad...
Published December 1, 2015

Son of Arshad Ali & Naheed Arshad

Siblings: Rashid Ali (19), Shahkar Ali (18), Mashal Arshad (14), Saleena Arshad (12) and Zarak Khan (10)

Bilal Arshad always aspired to join the Pakistan Army as a commissioned officer. A capable athlete, he enjoyed playing volleyball and badminton and also won several laurels for both games.

He was exceptionally disciplined – he would wake up early morning and ask his family members to do the same. He maintained an impeccable appearance and put a lot of thought into the clothes he wore.

Giving by nature, Bilal often convinced his father to give him money so that he could treat his lesser-privileged friends to a nice restaurant.

On the morning of the APS incident, he brought home two cakes before leaving for school. He ate one and told his mother to serve the other to his father who was sleeping at that time.

Bilal’s father woke up late that day and immediately learnt of the APS attack that also claimed his son’s life. Till date, the cake is still at home.

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